Tarot Lu

Mysterious card dismantling Age: 15 years

Various incurable diseases

Use old cards and numbers Serving everyone


A kind of mind communication that opens the deepest layer of your heart


Sometimes people just want to get a question they want to hear, ignore the problems that arise from myself and ignore the problems of self-reflection, give all wrong choices to the others…


These reactions can be understood, the emotions are accumulated and released, but forget how to turn their heads, but forget how to love themselves, but forget how to listen to other people's voices, like a kind of mirror, a kind of reaction, hope to wait to be understood.


The person itself is a kind of energy source, like a key and instinct. At anytime can always give you a multiple responses and predictive answers!


Tarot is a guide, a door. When this key is opened by the person, that is necessary to face more than just various root causes, but to fix the problem by yourself.


When you are hurt, not asking you to forgive each other, is learning how to let yourself go. ✔️Appointment / enquiry ✔️line:smalu0204

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